Department of Mathematical Sciences

Our Research

You love maths, we do too

We're an interdisciplinary department with impact on a diverse range of areas from social policy to insurance risks, and human-technology interaction to mathematical physics.

Research at Essex

Research in our department is organised into data science, and mathematics. Both groups reflect the major fields of mathematical research undertaken by our staff and cover specific areas of research interest. Staff in our research groups work closely both in the department and with academics across the wider university to develop strong interdisciplinary research.

Our activity

Our academics have been published in a range of top journals including Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Journal of Algebra, European Journal of Operational Research, Briefings in Bioinformatics, and Neural Networks.

Our work in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships gives our work a strong commercial impact and ensures that businesses benefit from cutting-edge research.

Our academics also act as supervisors for postgraduate research degrees in their specialist areas, and co-supervise research students working on interdisciplinary projects with colleagues in other departments across the university. PhD students in the department can join one of our research groups during their time with us.

Our department holds weekly research seminars during term time. These seminars often involve guest speakers from other institutions and are open to students and academics at Essex.

Recent research