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Projects and expert insights that transform practice

Internationally acclaimed research and practice-transforming projects for situations of conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Armed conflict and crises affect millions of people globally each year. Issues cut across a multitude of disciplines such as international law, political and social sciences, and many more.

Essex Armed Conflict and Crisis Hub seeks to identify key challenges in this context and provide thought leadership and highest quality academic research, projects and partnerships providing support and solutions, and consultancy and training for practitioners and stakeholders.

The Armed Conflict and Crisis Hub operates under the umbrella of the Human Rights Centre of the University of Essex. We aim to foster development and multidisciplinary collaboration between our colleagues and with partners around the world working on humanitarian concerns in armed conflict and crises. Our expertise crosses disciplinary boundaries and includes international law (the law of armed conflict, international refugee law, international criminal law), political science, media studies, history of conflict, and more.

The Essex Armed Conflict and Crisis Hub brings together expertise from across Essex University staff, fellows, PhD students and beyond to operate at the cutting edge of research, and lead partnerships and projects that deliver transformative impact.

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Why we're great
  • Made up of experts from around the globe, our membership is drawn from both academia and practitioner communities
  • Our multidisciplinary approach fosters development and collaboration in armed conflict and crisis work
  • We act as the intellectual home for Essex University's prestigious LLM International Humanitarian Law
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LLM International Humanitarian Law

The LLM International Humanitarian Law provides students with a balance of theory and practice, with the opportunity to explore law of armed conflict, the application of human rights in conflict and crises, and a range of options including application of refugee law and criminal law in the context of armed conflict and acute crisis.

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