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Dr Tom Cameron Year 2 & 3 Organiser

Staff positionLecturer in Aquatic Community Ecology
Telephone01206 872552

BSc (Hons) Animal Ecology Aberdeen (2000)

PhD University of Leeds (2005)

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Current research
  • FANTISIZE - investigating the role of facilitation in coexistence between predators (with Lennart Persson, Umeå)
  • Size-structured zooplankton community ecology
  • Eco-evolution of population and community dynamics (invertebrate model and aquatic field system)
  • Size- and stage- structured ecology of shellfish communities (with a focus on European Oyster and Cockles)
  • Demographic stochasticity in wild fishes (with Bernt-erik Sӕther & Vidar Grotan, NTTU Trondheim)
  • Evolution of Ontogenetic Niche Shifts and Asymmetry (with Andre de Roos, Amsterdam)

Current Group

Matt Bond - PhD candidate since Oct 2014 - The roles of competition and harvesting in life history evolution and dynamics in fishes (Co-supervised with Alex Dumbrell)

Alice Lown - PhD candidate since Oct 2015  - Ontogenetic development and community ecology of the native European Oyster (Ostrea edulis) (Co-supervised with Leanne Appleby-Hepburn)

Amie Parris - PhD candidate since Oct 2016 - Trophic and environmental control of algal blooms in the UK (Co-supervised with Etienne Low-Decarie)

Brisneve Edullantes - PhD candidate since Oct 2016 - Harmful Algal Blooms in the Ocean (Co-supervised with Etienne Low-Decarie)

Fiona Watson - PhD candidate since Jan 2017 - The role of fish movement in managing fishery MPA interactions (Co-supervised with Leanne Appleby-Hepburn and Edd Codling)

Synthesa Ksatrya - MSD candidate - Nov 2016 - An assesment of Indonesian Ocean Policy (Co-supervised with Dave Smith)

Research interests
  • Eco-evolutionary population and community dynamics
  • Trophic cascades and ecosystem function
  • Life histories: evolution of ontogeny (tropical fishes model system)
  • The demography of Predator-prey dynamics
  • Demographic responses to Harvesting
  • Animal movement and dispersal
Teaching responsibilities

BS113 - Animal Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour (Module Supervisor & Lecturer)

BS112 - Marine Biology (Lecturer)

BS141 - Scientific and Transferrable Skills (Tutor and Lecturer)

BS114 - Marine Biology Field Skills (Lecturer)

BS257 - Revision in Quantitative Biology (Lecturer)

BS307 - Oceanography and Marine Conservation Field Course (Greece, Lecturer)

BS352 - Freshwater Ecology (Lecturer)

BS354 - Fisheries Ecology (Lecturer)

2nd and 3rd Year Organiser (MB, BS (BS257))

Masters in Tropical Marine Biology - skills (BS707/BS708)

Introductory and advanced statistics in R for Biologists (PG/PhD)

BS832 - UG projects in Marine and Freshwater Biology  and Ecology

Research Project - MSc Tropical Marine Biology

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Additional information

Undergraduate Final Year projects in the Cameron lab

My research interests are listed above so come and speak to me if you are interested in undertaking your UG or Masters projects in my group.

Here is a list of project areas I could offer in the 2016/17 academic year

  • Size structured functional responses of temperate and tropical freshwater fish
  • Life History evolution / Animal Behaviour in the Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
  • Spatial movement dynamics in a model system
  • Trophic cascades - community responses to differences in top predators
  • Seasonal cycles in aquatic communities
  • Coastal Odonate / Campus biodiversity
  • Local adaptation in zooplankton to predation trade-offs
  • Habituation to recreational disturbance in Estuarine Birds
  • Ecotoxicology of estuarine food webs
  • Phenology of predator-prey interactions - Data Analysis/Statistical
  • I am happy to discuss other project ideas you may have


Research and Experience Opportunities

ALWAYS looking for masters students to take part in summer field based work or research projects in freshwater predator-prey interactions at home or abroad

Look out for Frontrunner and UROP research intern opportunities in my lab


Professor Lennart Persson, Dr Pär Byström, Dr Tomas Brodin (Umeå) and Professor Andre de Roos (Amsterdam)

Professor Tim Benton (Leeds) and Professor Stuart Piertney (Aberdeen)

Dr Arne Schroder (Berlin) and Dr Anieke van Leeuwen (Princeton)

Professor Bernt-Erik Saether and Vidar Grotan (NTTU, Trondheim), Dr Ron Bassar (Oxford), Robert Arlinghaus (Berlin), Andres Lopez-Sepulcre (CNRS)

Dr Jane Heywood (Essex and Kent Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority -IFCA)

Sarah Allison (Essex Wildlife Trust)

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