All essential training for 2021/ 22 needs to be completed by 31 July 2022. For most people this means completing the How We Work at Essex Annual Booster.

In response to earlier feedback we have made several changes to make it easier to complete the essential training. This includes reducing the pass rate in each section, so getting one question wrong doesn’t mean repeating the whole quiz, and rewording some questions where they weren’t clear and/ or people were frequently getting them wrong. 

All our How We Work at Essex training is designed to teach you the essential basics when working at our University and helps each of us to play our part in looking after ourselves and our community. How We Work at Essex is a single module that combines all the previous essential training modules for new starters, which must be completed within the first three months of employment. The Annual Booster keeps you up to date with key changes across the University, and reminds you of the essential basics. The suite of essential training also includes mandatory training for specific roles and line managers, which can also be accessed through Develop at Essex.

We appreciate that this is a busy time but essential training is an important part of our health and safety requirements and helps each of us to play our part in looking after ourselves and our community. We will also be following up with Heads of Department and Heads of Section, who can access reports highlighting where people in their teams still need to complete essential training and highlight any reporting issues.

If you have any questions about the training you need to complete, please contact If you have other questions or concerns, please let me know at