MBA student Kamonwan recently completed Essex Startups’ iTeams Programme. Originally from Thailand, Kamonwan was keen to explore the role of business consultancy within the UK, enhancing the theoretical teaching of her MBA studies with Essex Business School.

iTeams in a nutshell…

iTeams exposes students to real-world challenges faced by external organisations. Through a combination of workshops, mentoring, and self-directed work, multi-disciplinary teams work together with local businesses to develop an in-depth understanding of a posed problem and present tangible solutions for the organisation’s consideration.

My iTeams experience…

iTeams has been a transformative eight-week journey of genuine self-improvement. Immersed in the dynamic world of the UK's local businesses and consultancy, I encountered challenges in problem-solving, time management, and teamwork, offering a deeply engaging experience.

The real-world business challenge for my team was posed by Travel Jinni, a fintech application revolutionizing group travel payments. Working alongside this enterprise enriched our learning experience and provided us with a tangible opportunity to apply our skills in a practical setting.

Local business guru Gavin Miklaucich mentored our team throughout, providing constant support and encouragement, and empowering me to embrace my role as a team leader with confidence. The professional insights and guidance he offered enriched our solutions, presentations, and speeches, for which we were immensely grateful.

I extend my gratitude to Essex Startups and Entrepreneur’s-in-Residence James Cracknell and Magdalena Mahdy for spearheading this programme and accompanying us every step of the way. Their unwavering dedication and support have been instrumental in our growth.

This experience not only honed my skills but also provided an opportunity to lead a diverse team in an international setting, bridging the gap between academic theory and practical application as an MBA student.

Teamwork makes the dream work…

A special acknowledgement goes to my teammates; their individual perspectives and creativity were invaluable assets throughout our journey. Together, we navigated the challenges, each assuming our own unique responsibilities amidst the academic demands of university life. Our collective effort and dedication forged a bond that transcends the confines of this project, and ultimately propelled us to secure third place winners.

I wholeheartedly believe that our success is a testament to our collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment. I am so grateful for being entrusted with faith and support; it was an honour to collaborate with such a remarkable team.

I'm truly grateful for the enriching experiences and meaningful connections I've gained throughout this journey. As we move forward, I carry with me the lessons learned and the friendships formed, confident that they will continue to guide us towards future successes.

Kamonwan with iTeams teammates and mentor Gavin Miklaucich

Image: Kamonwan (second from right) with teammates and mentor Gavin Miklaucich

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