To mark International Women's Day (IWD) we've been looking at the archive of interviews which make up the Louder Than Words Podcast.

As we celebate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide as part of IWD, it is essential to recognise the significant role that women play in advancing knowledge and fostering positive change within academia and the influence their research has on wider policy.

From body image to the experience of female migrants, from women fleeing war to improving the policing domestic violence, we've brought together interviews with academics conducting policy-changing research and sharing their stories on the Louder Than Words podcast.

Public history

“The past offers us a lot of lessons about things were once different, and so they can be different again. So, really thinking about the past is a way to empower us to act in the present and change the future.” - Professor Tracey Loughran

Episode 23 – This Ship Will Sail

Professor Tracey Loughran from the School of Philosophical, Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies, alongside Kate Mahoney from Healthwatch Essex, discusses how progress is being made on the understanding of women’s health and their lived experiences, through public history and everyday life. They also review how the development of the 'Bodies, Hearts and Minds' framework is helping to empower young people in taking an active role in their own wellbeing.

Read the blog by Professor Loughran and colleagues Kate Mahoney and Daisy Payling where they further discuss their work on the toolkit – Bodies, Hearts, and Minds: Using the Past to Empower the Future

Professor Loughran has also appeared on the Brighter Futures video series, expanding on ideas of empowerment in young women, youth engagement within the arts, and period poverty.

Business after the pandemic

Episode 27 - Cloud Ten

Dr Louise Nash and Dr Danielle Tucker from Essex Business School talk about the changing world of post-pandemic work and how women are making an impact at an organisational level.

Dr Nash is the current Director of Postgraduate Research, and conducting research into work in the City of London and Wall Street, NY. Dr Tucker is the current EBS Director of Impact and Enterprise for the University of Essex.

Tackling violence in society

Episode 30 - The First Straw

Dr Kat Hadjimatheou and Professor Renee Luthra from the Department of Sociology join a discussion about connections between violence in the home and community, and the impact this has on women and migrants.

Dr Hadjimatheou is currently conducting research into the scope of Stalking Protection Orders in England and Wales, and Professor Luthra holds posts as the Director of the Essex Centre for Migration Studies and Assistant Director of the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change.

Improving the policing of domestic abuse

Episode 42 - Policing Domestic Abuse

Emeritus Professor Jackie Turton of the Department of Sociology and former University of Essex Lecturer Dr Ruth Weir examine domestic abuse and violence in the home, and how to best serve victims at their most vulnerable.

They are co-authors with two serving police officers, Kate Barrow-Grint and Jacqueline Sebine, of the book Policing Domestic Abuse:Risk, Policy, and Practice.

Brighter Futures and Louder Than Words are projects from the Centre for Public and Policy Engagement, aiming to support academics in building partnerships with policymakers and the public so that research and education at the University of Essex can improve people’s lives. Both are hosted by Professor Jules Pretty.