In January 2023, we launched the pioneering online platform, the Black Researchers’ Hub (BRH). As part of the Transitions and Transformations project, the Black Researchers’ Hub offers a ground-breaking new approach to supporting black students from 3rd year undergraduate to postgraduate taught and postgraduate research study – and onto academic careers. 

BRH is an integral component of the Chart My Path platform and requires students to activate their Gradintelligence account for access. Exclusive to those who self-identify as UK domiciled Black students at registration, the Hub offers a range of valuable resources tailored to their needs.

Empowering students is a key focus, and the Hub facilitates this by guiding them through a self-assessment of their skills and needs. This process is facilitated by the 'Transitions and Transformations skills framework', a collaborative effort developed with Vitae, a part of the Careers Research and Advisory Centre. This framework is strategically implemented at the Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate Taught (PGT), and Postgraduate Research (PGR) levels to provide comprehensive support during crucial academic transitions. 

Within this framework, students gain the autonomy to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This empowerment extends to the ability to self-select activities, opportunities, and events that align with their academic and professional goals. Simultaneously, the Hub guides students by signposting recommended activities designed to enhance their skills and address identified areas of development. This dual approach ensures a tailored and supportive environment for the holistic growth of Black students within the academic community.

With our cutting-edge resources, you'll gain access to specialised training programmes, valuable sponsorship and mentoring opportunities, enriching networking events, and real-world experiences. Our mission is to cultivate a strong sense of community and belonging by actively listening to and embracing the voices of fellow Black staff and students, all curated to nurture your growth as a distinguished researcher. At our core, we are dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our academic community. The Black Researchers' Hub represents a crucial step towards bridging the gap and creating unparalleled opportunities for black researchers to excel and thrive.  

We're thrilled to unveil an array of upcoming activities designed exclusively for you, the heartbeat of our Black Researchers' Hub community: 

Sponsorship Program: Elevate Your Potential

Exciting news! Our Sponsorship Program is now open for academics and professional staff at the University. This program is designed to support our students by enhancing research and professional skills, expanding networks, and providing insights into opportunities for UK-domiciled Black PGR students. Sponsors, ready to make a difference, can submit their profiles at Sponsor registration ( For students eager to explore this opportunity, registration to select a sponsor begins in January 2024.

PGT-PGR Black Researchers’ Symposium

Mark your calendars for the grand event! On 01 February 2024, we're hosting the first-ever PGT-PGR Black Researchers’ Symposium. This enriching interdisciplinary conference is exclusively for the vibrant minds of the Black Researchers’ Hub.

Share your insights and research by submitting a 300-word abstract of your thesis or dissertation to by the deadline on 06 December 2023.

Ready to seize these opportunities and make your mark? Activate your participation by signing up and connecting with the Black Researchers’ Hub today! Your journey towards empowerment, growth, and connection awaits.

Join us at the forefront of change. The Black Researchers' Hub is more than an initiative; it's a movement, and we invite you to be a part of it. Together, let's empower excellence and redefine the narrative for Black researchers at the University of Essex