It’s the time of year where we say goodbye to our wonderful Student Journal Editor, Aisyah Shamshun, and close another volume of the Essex Student Journal.

The Essex Student Journal publishes the work of Essex Undergraduate and PGT students, with PGRs peer reviewing submissions. This provides valuable experience of the publishing process in a supportive environment before authors and reviewers move into the wider world of academia. The Editor oversees this process and engages students and staff to help make the Journal a valuable asset to everyone in the University!

Aisyah Shamshun’s contribution to the Journal this year has been fantastic, with engagement work resulting in more submissions from Essex undergrads and PGTs than ever before. Aisyah has also established connections throughout the University, such as with the Sustainability Team and the Black Researcher’s Hub, raising awareness of the Journal and helping more students get the opportunity to be published.

A Special Issue on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI)


This year also saw the launch of something new at the Journal: a Special Issue on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI). EDI is a vital part of the ethos at Essex, and so we wanted to reflect and support this with this special issue, giving the topic the attention and prominence it needs.

Papers in this issue cover topics such as the carbon footprint of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, using military intervention to prevent international oppression, and economic inequality in the U.K. Of the 13 papers published this year, 6 were in the Special Issue, a great success for our first year running it.

Read the Volume 14 Special Issue



In terms of numbers, we’ve had double the submissions this year compared to 2021/22: 26 compared to 13. So far 13 of these have been published this year compared to 11 last year - and there are still 9 articles being reviewed for publication!

Of the 18 authors we’ve had this year, the top 3 departments they’ve come from are Economics (5), Government (3), and Psychology (3), with the remaining authors coming from 5 other departments. We are pleased to announce that from 2023/24, we will be accepting Creative Writing submissions, which will make it easier for students to submit from an even broader range of departments!

Read Volume 14 Issue 1

Aisyah's Editorial


Interested in being involved with the Journal in future? Aisyah reflects on her time as Editor and gives a glimpse into what it’s like behind the scenes of the Student Journal and what kind of experience you can gain.

Read Aisyah's final Editorial

If you want to get involved with the journal, you can find out more on the library website. Congratulations to our authors and thank you to Aisyah, our peer reviewers, and supporters for making 2022/23 such a great year!

Aisyah Shamshun waving and standing outside the Albert Sloman Library.