I am pleased to announce that this academic year’s round of the Excellence in Education Award (EEA) is currently open for applications.

Last academic year, I was delighted to be the Chair of the EEA panel which saw six winners being awarded across three categories (Excellent Assistant Lecturer and Graduate Laboratory Assistant, Excellent Educator, and Excellence in Education Leadership), and I look forward to acting in this capacity again at the next EEA panel.

In December 2022, at our successful Celebrating Excellence in Education Event, we heard directly from a number of previous EEA winners and other colleagues involved in education development – whose work included projects on sustainability, technical support and inclusivity and diversity. It was fantastic to hear about the great impact they have, as educators, upon our students’ learning experiences.

This academic year, we have created a fourth category – the ‘Student Recognition’ category – where students can recognise those educators that they feel are excellent and inspiring in the work that they do. For this category, rather than identifying just one or two winners, every member of staff named by students will be recognised and celebrated at our next Celebrating Excellence in Education Event on Thursday 28 September 2023.

Madeline Eacott at a lectern at the Excellence in Education Awards 2022.

We welcome EEA applications from any University colleague who supports the education provision at Essex; whether academic, technical staff or Professional Services staff. Colleagues are also welcome to self-nominate or peer-nominate another colleague or team of colleagues.

Further information on how to apply can be found on our dedicated EEA Staff Directory webpage. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 14 July 2023 – all applications can be submitted to us via our EEA Moodle site. Please contact eea@essex.ac.uk should you have any queries.

We look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.