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This Will Work: Changing Patterns of Labour, Work and National Productivity

Join Friederike Mengel and Carlos Carillo Tudela in conversation with Jules Pretty on the modern nature of work, how labour economics helps us understand the rapid pace of change, the impacts on women, the choices regarding home working, and what this all means for national productivity and whether countries become poorer or richer.

Friederike Mengel and Carlos Carillo Tudela are economists in the Department of Economics at the University of Essex.

The Louder Than Words Podcast

The Louder Than Words podcast is about how ideas improve lives. Professor Jules Pretty created the Louder than Words podcast for conversations on how the world can be made a better place by inquiry, research and public engagement. These are ideas that can inspire individual, collective and policy action.

This is the first podcast from the Centre for Public and Policy Engagement at the University of Essex. There are three series a year: autumn, spring and summer.

Each episode of Louder Than Words takes a key contemporary issue and gives you a chance to hear from leading researchers, policy makers, thinkers and campaigners plus those directly affected by the issue.

The podcast is produced by Marcus Pierpoint and Luke Fitch of the University of Essex’s Media Centre. Producer of series one and two was Martha Dixon, series three was produced by Alli Walker.