This year Edge Hotel School has awarded the highest number of scholarships in one academic year to date. These bespoke scholarship opportunities are gifted to undergraduate students who display both talent and passion within the hospitality and events sector. 
These scholarships would not be possible without the generous support of our industry partners – 5 Hertford Street Club, Exclusive Collection, Leonardo Hotels, Master Innholders, The Dorchester Collection and Zetter Hotel Group. 
This year, we’re celebrating seven scholarship recipients, all of whom were recognised by our industry partners and by the school for their exceptional determination, hard and academic achievements:

  • India De Labilliere – 5 Hertford Street Club 
  • Charlotte Carter – Exclusive Collection 
  • Lauren Cruse – Leonardo Hotels
  • Jack Harrington – Leonardo Hotels
  • Nicholaus Harrington – Master Innholders
  • Breeze Parker-Soussi – The Dorchester Collection 
  • Phoebe Almond – Zetter Hotel Group 

India De Labilliere, who is currently studying for a BA in Hospitality Management describes herself as a passionate and customer focused individual. She discusses how the scholarship will support her personal development: 

“As a scholar for 5 Hertford Street I have had the pleasure of knowing I am welcome in the most exclusive private members club, a unique experience which will allow me to develop further in the hospitality industry. 
It has also given me the opportunity to pursue my future ambitions through the guidance of 5 Hertford Street and the support which they have already supplied.” 

These unique opportunities supported by our industry partners enable our students to flourish within the sector, with a true understanding of what the industry needs. The Edge Hotel School ethos is to deliver industry-engaged education so that our graduates can be at the forefront of shaping our industry's future.
Only with the support of the hospitality industry can we succeed in delivering a higher education experience to the skill level that you require as their employers.

Group of Edge Hotel School scholarship recipients 2023


The Master Innholders are once again delighted to support the Edge Hotel School by providing an academic scholarship. Nicholaus impressed us during his interview demonstrating robust and passionate views on sustainability and how the hospitality industry could come together to focus on improving social and charitable awareness and commitments. It is so encouraging to see the great talent coming through right now and delighted we can continue to provide opportunities such as this scholarship, which shows our ongoing commitment to developing young talent and leaders of the future.
Dan Rose-Bristow Chairman MI and MD of The Torridon