Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement, it is on Saturday 22 April. Earth Day celebrates the achievements of the environmental movement and is in place to raise awareness of the climate crisis challenges we face to protect our natural resources for future generations.

What does the university do?

  • We have over 220 acres that are home to an abundance of wildlife across 18 major habitats. Our grounds are managed in a way that protects and encourages biodiversity.
  • We regularly carry out campaigns that empower our staff and students to take action to reduce their environmental impact while on campus.
  • We have Clean Air signs in our car parks and delivery spaces to encourage drivers to turn off their engines when stationary this is part of the CAReless Campaign run by Colchester Council.
  • We are working with departments that are embedding sustainability into education.
  • Our Essex Business School is the UK’s first carbon-neutral business school. Sustainability is at the heart of its design and operation, and it has 18% lower carbon emissions than standard buildings.
  • Solar panels have already been installed on many of our roofs, including The Albert Sloman Library and Sports Arena, enabling the University to cover 5% of its electricity needs.

What could you do?

  • Get climate literate, and further your understanding of the climate crisis through books, documentaries, and articles.
  • Help end plastic pollution and review your plastic usage. Could you scrap those plastic bottles for a reusable bottle? Opt for loose fruit and veg over those in plastic packaging.
  • Help your local environment. Could you partake in a community litter pick or local conservation project?
  • Use your voice to raise awareness about climate change issues and use your voting power to protect the environment.
  • Help phase out Fast Fashion. Do you tend to follow fast-fashion fads? Choose second-hand clothing sites and prevent clothes from going to landfill.