Sitecore, the Content Management System that powers our website is being upgraded.

Although you won’t see anything physically change on the front of the website, much of the infrastructure that sits behind the scenes will change.

As part of this upgrade, it will be necessary for us to implement a temporary 1 week content freeze. This will mean that all editorial access to the website will be removed and only urgent and emergency updates will be allowed to be made via the University's Web and Digital Media Team.

The freeze is will take place between 18 - 25 July with the final upgrade taking place on the 25 July. Any work that needs to be completed and published by the team prior to the freeze, should reach them by midday on Monday 17 July.

Once upgraded the University's Web and Digital Media Team will share new log in information with all current Web Editors.

The upgrade will bring us:

  • Important security updates
  • Server migration from on-premises to cloud-based.
  • New functionality opportunities.

It is important to note that any content requests received during the freeze period will not be implemented until it ends. If you make an emergency request during this time we may be able to implement it for you.