Rebecca Lawrence says she is fascinated with all things related to employee relations. Now an MSc Human Resource Management student she is learning about the theoretical and strategic side of Human Resource Management (HRM).




Why did you choose to study at Essex Business School and what inspired you? 

Initially, I chose Essex Business School because it was local, which was a huge advantage, but it also has an excellent reputation. I have only ever heard great things about the support and the available facilities.

Why did you choose your degree subject? 

I chose MSc Human Resources Management because I had worked in a management role for a few years. I felt that this was an area I wanted to explore and learn more about. The University of Essex was one of the few universities where the course came with an accredited Level 7 CIPD qualification and paid for your student membership whilst you studied. This was the clincher for me.

What are you most proud of in your university experience? 

I was initially nervous about taking on an MSc when my original degree was a BA. I was worried about working full time alongside my studies, and I was also nervous about my eight - year break in academia. I never give myself enough credit. Not only have I survived, I feel like I've thrived despite all these challenges. This makes me proud.

What is your favourite aspect of Human Resources Management? 

I am fascinated with all things related to employee relations, as I can relate this to my current role. However, I was surprised about how much I enjoyed strategic HRM and the theory side. I also really enjoying my research for my dissertation, which is based on a case study.

How is your Essex experience?  

I love many aspects of Essex life, so it's hard to pick a favourite but I love the Essex Business School in particular. The winter garden is a great place to sit and work. I like everything being on one campus; it makes a big difference to my previous university experience based across a city. I also really appreciate the support that is proactively available to you. I have utilised many EBS support sessions, careers support, wellbeing team support and student rep support. It does give you the feeling that everyone wants you to succeed and do well. 





What assistance regarding your career have you found helpful?  

I found the CV support the most helpful. I'm sure loads of people like myself always recycle the same CV, so it was fascinating to use the tools available and look at what data was missing and how it can be improved 


What are your aspirations and plans after graduation? 

My aspirations after graduation are to further my career in HR, I feel with the knowledge I have attained both on the job, and throughout this course, in conjunction with my CIPD qualification, I can progress through the various levels in my HR Career. I found out recently that I have successfully achieved Platinum in the Big Essex Award thanks to my time spent working, volunteering, mentoring and being a Student Rep. A great thing to add to my transcript when I graduate. 


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