Frontrunner outside Wivenhoe House Hotel

I enjoyed my time as a Frontrunner at the Edge Hotel School a lot.

People are always curious about Hospitality and Events courses, and it was my interest in the industry that led me to apply for this role. Within the first ten weeks of working in the office, I learnt all about how Edge Hotel School works. I was given the opportunity to see the backstage of Wivenhoe House Hotel, such as the behind the scenes of the kitchen and the preparations of a formal afternoon tea at the 4* Wivenhoe House.

My most unforgettable experience was participating in a cocktail making session. During which one of the Edge Hotel School students taught us about the apparatus and process of making cocktails.

I am a student myself, and I saw my peers working very professionally at EHS as customer-facing hospitality workers. Seeing this, I genuinely feel that they are ready for their future careers.

I also interviewed lecturers Philip and Dimitri and discovered their passion for the industry and teaching future industry leaders. My line manager Zoe is a professional with experience in and knowledge of the events and hospitality sector. I often joined her in weekly meetings with people from the hospitality industry and became intrigued by the whole industry.

Edge Hotel School cares about its students the most. It provides students with a realistic environment which allows them to adapt to the industry. Edge is a place like no other for students to start their academic and career paths.