I'm Shannon, and I'm a second year BSc Occupational Therapy student.  Let me crack the code on some of the common fears you might have about studying Occupational Therapy (OT)!

  1. Fear that you are not going to know enough for placement:  In reality the first placement is all about observing the setting and gathering as much understanding as possible!  You’re not expected to know everything don’t worry! Do some reading around the area of your placement and take a big notepad for notes and you will smash it.
  2. Fear of failing an assignment: We all have our areas of greater difficulty but that’s ok, there are always resits (AKA a second chance) 😊And the staff are super supportive and work alongside yourself to ensure you are able to pass the assignment with flying colours.
  3. Fear that the markers are trying to catch you out: In reality they want you to do well and pass as much as you want to! The staff at Essex look for how you have met the criteria not where you have gone wrong.
  4. Fear of group work: You'll build professional characteristics of groupwork, and you get to have some challenges and fun along the way.
  5. Fear of not making friends: There are so many opportunities to meet new people, and even if you don’t stay friends with the first people you meet it doesn’t matter.  Join lots of clubs and societies too!
  6. Fear of talking too much in class:  Don’t hold back any comments as all are valid and it often sparks other people’s ideas!
  7.  Fear of not making a good OT:  We all have OT skills within us, it’s about focusing on those skills and building our theory basis.
  8. Fear of not enjoying the course: What is there not to like?!

Overall, you'll probably realise a lot of your fears of joining the Occupational Therapy degree aren't as scary in reality! So, buckle up for the ride and enjoy your three years of OT learning. I promise you’ll learn a thing or two.