Traditionally, autumn is Careers Fair season and this year most are again running on virtual platforms. This means attendance is safer, more convenient and time efficient – with no need to travel or social distance and the ability to sign in from a location and at a time of your choice. Combined with the benefits (for students from all years) to be gained from traditional career fairs these are your calendar events for this term.

Decide how to make the most of your time with our top 7 reasons to attend:

  1. Get direct access to employers at a time to suit you
    Any student who has agonised over speculative applications, attended lots of insight and networking events or spent hours on LinkedIn will appreciate the ease of pre-booking a drop-in or 1:1 session with top employers. Be quick to secure your preferred slot.
  2. Have a chance to ask your questions
    Do your research live:
    • ask graduate recruitment representatives about the recruitment process, selection criteria and their views on a great application
    • gain a real insight into the graduate training scheme or company culture from graduate trainees
    • chat to senior staff members about career progression and working in the industry

    Much easier, more fruitful and time efficient than trawling the internet!
  3. Gain insider information
    Whatever stage of career planning you’ve reached, a real insider view is invaluable. Wondering how to answer the question that trips up most candidates, not sure what counts as relevant work experience, stumped by not getting shortlisted, considering a change of direction? Whatever it is, just ask!
  4. Discover opportunities
    Top employers want to engage with you as early as possible in your career journey, so use the opportunity to find out about a variety of employment opportunities not just graduate roles. Ask about work experience, internships and placement years too.
  5. Explore your options and be inspired
    Not sure what you want to do with your degree or, conversely, have an idea but want to investigate it further – this is your chance. With several sectors and organisations represented, a virtual career fair is a rare opportunity to explore lots of options without leaving your desk. What will you discover?
  6. Make connections and build network
    We all know how important this is and employers do remember interested and engaged students, so it’s also a unique chance to get noticed by recruitment decision makers. 
  7. Take advantage of additional sessions
    Use the time between your scheduled appointments to get careers advice and support.

An extra benefit to be gained by following up on all you learn is ‘competitive edge’. Evidence those key criteria on your CV and LinkedIn profile, apply the insider hints and tips to your application, practice the one interview question that candidates slip up on, set a plan for gaining the experience employers seek, note the deadlines for the opportunities you’ve discovered and follow up on the connections you’ve made. Of course, you may want to store the information away for use later - after all, knowledge is power!

Speak to people. Fairs may seem daunting, but employers are there to meet and speak with you – you never know what doors a simple conversation can open for you!

University of Essex Virtual Career Fair

  • Thursday 4 November 2021
  • 10am to 6pm

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