I decided to do an internship because I feel a combination of professional experience and academic accomplishments are both equally vital for having a successful career post-graduation.

Sometimes you do expect as an intern you will not be doing so much essential work. You expect to be doing slightly more non-essential tasks as an intern. However as soon as I had my interview with Creative Quills I knew that if I did get this internship role that I would be expected to important researching tasks and that my opinion and input would be valued.

During my internship I was given various responsibilities. I was given the responsibility of managing certain social media platforms and scheduling posts. I was also given many research projects on how we could effectively use certain aspects and tools online more effectively.

I feel that my future career has greatly benefited from this internship. I feel that this experience combined with my academic accomplishments not only has given me a more competitive CV it has also greatly aided my pursuit of post graduate study for a Journalism MA and I believe it has made me an incredibly desirable candidate for these courses of study.

If I could describe my internship at Creative Quills I would describe it as a phenomenal experience. It met my expectations and more. It was great to learn so much about marketing, how to utilise online tools for business and the optimisation of social media. It was a great experience and I learnt so much from it.

The main skills I feel I gained throughout this internship were team work, productivity, time management and creativity.

I would definitely recommend for any student to do at least one internship during their undergraduate studies. It’s great to have some professional experience alongside your academic accomplishments especially if its relevant to what you want to pursue as a career. Equally it can help you decide which sector you would want to pursue a career in.

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