During Environment Week we held a panel discussion on the themes based around the programme – A Perfect Planet – Humans’. We were joined by four panelists:

  • Mario - BA Politics and International Relations student
  • Justas - BA Politics and International Relations student
  • Daisy – Sustainability Manager
  • Rebecca – Sustainability Engagement Officer and Essex alumnus
  • The discussion was chaired by Alex O’Neill Customer Support Services Team Leader

A Perfect Planet is hard hitting, it focuses on the enormous impact that human beings have on our planet. The episode emphasizes the impacts of human consumption and the effects we are having on the delicate ecosystems both humans and other species rely on for life – with plenty of hard hitting calls to action.

The panel discussion focused on thinking positively about what we can do both at the university and as individuals to help the planet, drawing on the panelists own perspectives and experiences both on campus and at home.

There are lots of ways we can make a difference, it doesn’t have to be difficult and you can start right away.

  • Using your voice and vote for green policies
  • Education – educate yourself and others about how you can be more sustainable at home and on campus
  • Being mindful when buying things. Ask yourself these questions;
  • Choosing walking/cycling over jumping in the car
  • Using a reusable water bottle
  • Using a reusable coffee cup
  • Eating less meat in your diet

At the university you can join in on our #littlechoicesbigchanges campaign where we reduce, recycle and protect. This programme is to show everyone making a little choice can make a big change and have an impact on the environment. For example always using a reusable water bottle and refilling it at water fountains instead of buying a plastic bottle everyday will make a huge impact on the environment.

We had some great discussions around the impact that humans have on the planet. We cover topics such as the impact of your diet on the planet, easy tips for reducing your carbon footprint, the University’s Climate and Ecological Emergency declaration, the fashion industry and what the Sustainability Society is up to.

Everything we do has an environmental impact in some way whether this from sending a email, text message, buying food, throwing away your waste and travelling. There is an excellent book called ‘How bad are bananas?’ which shows how much carbon it takes to complete certain activities. Our environmental impact is causing adaptation and mitigation as well as harm. The documentary covers these topics across the globe. Think about your actions and how you could change things to make your environmental impact less, check out our discussion as we cover things that you can easily change to make a difference.

To watch the episode head to iPlayer or use the Box of Broadcast service.