Despite our focus on tackling racism at the University, we know that members of our Black community still experience the effects of institutional racism in their everyday lives.

It is totally unacceptable for our students and staff to continue to feel vulnerable to racism and racial profiling.

The University is aware of two recent incidents that have occurred on our campuses. In one case we were able to take immediate action and in the other we have commissioned a review into what happened and will take forward any recommendations. In both cases we have offered support to those who have been impacted.

We will continue to ensure that the University takes whatever action is needed to provide reassurance and to ensure that the concerns of our students and staff are being actively addressed.

We will always investigate and take action if we think the University has failed our community and we will also always offer support to victims.

The University’s commitment to equality and diversity is central to what we stand for and who we are. Our inclusive and diverse community are at the heart of what makes us Essex and a safe home for our students and staff.

We want to restate that we stand in solidarity with our Black students and staff.

We will continue to strive to take action against racism across our University and in the wider world.

If you have experienced racism and need to report it please contact Report and Support. Further support and advice is also available from our Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team.