"All the hard work that I put into the project paid off when I received words of appreciation from the company Director."

Suffolk based Pager Power Urban and Renewables are specialists in assessing and solving worldwide planning issues for developers in the wind, solar PV, energy, property and aviation sectors. When they wanted to look at ways of making their business more profitable, they took the opportunity to work with Essex MBA student Danish Hameed on a consultancy project. 

Danish tells us about his experience of working with Pager Power during his consultancy project. 

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Did you enjoy your time working with Pager Power?

It was an amazing experience for me. From getting in touch with people who could help me connect with businesses looking for solutions to their problems, to managing all the stakeholders in the project effectively, to running the project at my own pace, every bit of it was a unique learning experience. 

Why were you interested in the consultancy project?

I am particularly interested in the renewable energy industry which made working on the project all the more exciting for me. I got to interact with and learn from people working on resolving the planning issues faced by developers of renewable energy projects. I also got to learn about the planning requirements that the developers of green energy projects need to fulfil in order to secure planning permission from local planning authorities. 

I was extra motivated for the project because I knew my work would have a direct impact on the business which, at times, makes you a little bit nervous about the results but at the same time, pushes you to do your best. 

What was the most rewarding part of the project for you?

All the hard work that I put into the project paid off when I received words of appreciation from the company Director saying that he found great value in my work and would adopt the majority of the recommendations that I put forward.

Pager Power on working with Danish

Pager Power were impressed with the robust findings and recommendations which are supported by solid business and economic theory. Owner and Director of Pager Power, Mike Watson said: “It was a pleasure to work with Danish. We were very impressed with the research report he delivered, which makes 14 specific recommendations that should all lead to the business becoming more profitable. We are likely to adopt the majority of them in the near future.”