Essex Business School graduate, Ore Dosumu (BA Accounting and Management, 2014), shared with us how her time at the School accompanied by her focused mindset and drive set out the foundations for her career in auditing.

“People walking around so briskly with purpose, it gave me the motivation to aspire to work in one of the companies. I wanted to work in business, but I wasn’t sure exactly what area. Through A-levels and insight days at financial services firms, I got a better understanding of the different roles I could work in from pursuing a degree in accounting.

I got my place at Essex Business School through clearing, they offered Accounting and Management which is different from the typical Accountancy degree or Accounting with Finance.

Being among the top 25 UK Business Schools It is a wonder I had not initially applied to study there.

Essex Business School provided many opportunities for me to establish and develop a new skill set. The school is affiliated with Sponsors for Education Opportunity (SEO) London, an organisation that focused on promoting opportunities for students from ethnic minorities in professional careers. I was able to take part in the First Year Fast Track Programme, attending insight days for various investment banks and other financial institutions.

The Enactus Society at Essex also helped me develop my business acumen and leadership skills. Being a part of the society taught me the value of impacting those around me and understanding that I am part of a bigger picture. Concepts of business ethics, social enterprise and value creation were the foundations of the Network.

I didn’t leave Essex with a graduate job under my belt so I decided to go straight into my professional qualification – the ACCA and study for that independently.

It was a challenge seeing friends and peers go immediately into roles they seemed to be enjoying and earning from.

I knew completing the ACCA would open up doors of opportunity and would provide me with technical knowledge that I would later apply in the workplace. I remained dedicated throughout and continued seeking out a role suitable for me to begin once I was qualified.

I’d recommend graduates looking to work in accounting and business to do their research and start out early. The best way to get a good understanding of business is to try and get some experience, networking is KEY.

Attend networking events, engage with people you know in the industry and ask questions. Whilst you’re at Essex it’s important to give some thought as to what you would like to do afterwards and make some conscious efforts towards your goal. Spring insight programmes, summer internships and vacation schemes are great ways to build experience and give you the foundations for life after graduation.

I’m currently working at KPMG after completing the three-year Audit Empowered programme at the company.

As much as I’m a planner, I love the unpredictability of most days with auditing.

They say find a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I don’t believe that. I believe you have to work hard to excel at whatever you do. Even if it’s something you believe you’re naturally talented at, there will always be someone willing to make up for that talent with hard work. So even when I do get that ‘dream job’ whatever that may translate to, I hope I remember to work hard at it.”

We asked Ore for her words of wisdom for current students, she said:

“Please enjoy your time at university! There is honestly no time like the present. Please ask questions and don’t live in isolation. You genuinely can achieve whatever it is you want for yourself. To do this, make sure you use all the help available to you and don’t ever be afraid to ask for additional support when you need it.”

We’re looking forward to following Ore in her career journey.

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