• Internship Organisation: Invest ESSEX
  • Internship Role: Marketing Assistant
  • Length of Internship: Initially 10 weeks (extended to 22 weeks and then made permanent

I was largely aware of what an internship was before I decided to do this one, but did not quite appreciate the doors they could open for a graduate. I saw it as a great opportunity to get a head-start in marketing, a competitive industry which is difficult to get into without at least some experience. Undertaking an internship provided the perfect opportunity for me to do this.

During my internship, I was responsible for assisting in the day to day digital marketing of Invest ESSEX, as well as working on the marketing strategy and longer-term projects. It allowed me to develop a significant number of skills related to digital marketing and I’ve also gained the experience of working alongside professionals with backgrounds from a range of different industries.

The idea of an internship is one which often conjures up images of the interns honing their tea and coffee making skills or filing paper. However from my very first day with Invest ESSEX I was treated as a valued member of the team and entrusted with responsibilities which may not be available with a larger organisation.

I believe that the internship will act as a springboard for my future career. As I was offered a permanent position with Invest ESSEX, I have already begun to reap the rewards of the internship.

I would recommend Essex Interns. They provide opportunities for graduates to enter the world of work, with the guarantee that unlike many internships, you will be paid. The short-term nature of an internship means that for graduates who are unsure of their career path, there is an opportunity to ‘test the water’ and try out different jobs to see what they are suited to.