• Internship Organisation: Churches Conservation Trust, London
  • Internship Role: Development Intern
  • Length of Internship: Three months although I left after two as I got a permanent position

Feedback from interviews I got was that I lacked experience in a professional environment. I therefore sought an internship to help me get a permanent job. I viewed internships as an introduction to professional working life. I thought it would be easier than a normal job, but now that I’ve completed my internship, I found it to be at times challenging and also that an intern is as important as a regular worker.

I applied for this internship as I quite liked the history of the organisation and the way they care about local communities. I learnt how to use the CRM system and carried out administrative tasks and created reports. I gained computer, data analysis and team work skills. I also experienced a massive transition that the organisation was going through with a change in policy which showed me that these changes do happen in organisations and prepared me for the real world.

I was eventually offered a job as paralegal/legal assistant and later a good job within the Civil Service. My internship has been a really good springboard for me, and I would not have had these opportunities otherwise.

I think a lot of students would benefit from doing an internship with an organisation that Essex Interns partners with, and I would 100% recommend Essex Interns as the internship has helped me secure two successive jobs. Many students don’t have much experience, and I found it to be a great introduction to working life.