Hybrid working: Smart Working At Essex (SWAE) programme

To aid staff members participating in the Smart Working At Essex (SWAE) programme the university has developed a series of support pages that provide useful guidance and resources for working in shared office areas. The information available on this webpage forms part of the Flexible working advice and support information currently available on the Staff Directory.

Moodle resource ‘Hybrid Working’

A resource in Moodle helps staff members familiarise themselves with the SWAE equipment and shared working environments. Within the resource there is information on when to complete a Hybrid Working Self-Assessment form and tips on how to setup a shared workstation.

The Hybrid Working Moodle resource can be revisited at anytime by SWAE participants and will be updated with new information as the programme continues.

Hybrid working self-assessment template

Staff members participating in the SWAE programme can complete the below self-assessment form instead of a Home Working Risk Assessment form and a separate DSE self-assessment form. The below form has been created to combine elements of the two previous forms.

Managing DSE for hybrid workers

A guide for Managers of SWAE office areas can be accessed below, this guide brings together key topics that Managers may need to consider during the SWAE programme.

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