Sitecore: the basics

Logging in

  • Log in address: copy this address into your browser
  • Username and password: this is given to you after you've completed your web author training. Note that is not your Essex username and password.

You can change your password from the Control Panel option accessed from the Sitecore dashboard.

For any Sitecore issues contact us at

Locking and unlocking

When you open a web page in Sitecore, you'll be automatically locked into the page and its modules when you hit save. There is no longer any need to manually lock a page or item. All pages and items are automatically unlocked overnight.

Viewing a draft page

How to view your draft web page content:

  1. In the top, very right-hand side of Chrome, select the three vertical dots icon (horizontal dots in Microsoft Edge)
  2. Select ‘New incognito window’ ('New InPrivate window' in Microsoft Edge)
  3. Copy and paste it into the browser.
  4. At the end of the url add the page url you wish to view, eg. 


Once your edits have been completed, please contact your Faculty Web and Promotions Assistant if you're in an academic department or if you're in a Professional Services team who will publish your changes. Mention any documents that also need to be published.

We all aim for the highest standards on the website which is why we only allow a few members of each team to edit the site and even fewer to publish. For any queries related to publishing permissions, contact

Editing staff pages

The academic and support staff pages are created automatically by pulling in the information from databases. The web pages can’t be edited. Academics can update their staff profile via their profile information in the RIS system or using the Staff Profile Builder if they are a member of Professional Services. Find out more about editing your staff profile.

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