Essex Volunteering Hub

The Essex Volunteering Hub is the place for students to visit and find volunteering opportunities within the University and from external providers

Volunteering provides a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their skills, broaden their life experience and make a positive difference to the community and the University.

Registering a volunteering opportunity

Do you have a volunteering opportunity you need to fill? The Essex Volunteering Hub reaches every university student. To place your opportunity on the Hub please register.

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Definition of volunteering

Volunteering is any activity that involves spending time doing something unpaid that benefits individuals (other than close family members), groups, the environment and the community. Central to this definition is the fact that volunteering must be a choice freely made by each individual.

This can include formal activity undertaken through public, private and voluntary organisations as well as informal community participation and social action. Everyone has the right to volunteer and volunteering can have significant benefits for individuals.

Some of the University volunteer providers

Below are groups who regularly provide students with extensive and diverse volunteering activities that benefit students and local communities.

See the current volunteering opportunities.

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