Smartsheet is an online project management tool that we have purchased for you to produce project plans, action plans, actions logs and risks/issues registers to support you with managing your projects.

Request a Smartsheet

Take a look at our examples to help you decide whether you need a blank sheet, project plan, action plan, action log, lessons learned log or issue/risk register.

If you want any specific column headings, let us know in the comments section of the form as you will not be able to add them yourself. If at any point you would like to amend your chosen column headings please contact and we'll do this for you.

Using Smartsheet

Signing into Smartsheet with your Essex email address

Save yourself the hassle of setting up and remembering another account and password by signing in using your Essex login with ‘’ after it. Our Smartsheet login guide (.pdf) shows how easy this process is.

Online tutorials

Smartsheet offer a number of easy online tutorials such as:

Making changes to your Smartsheet

If you need to rename your sheet or insert/delete/amend/rename columns, there are a number of different ways to be given permissions to enable you to do this.

  1. Ask us to amend your columns you can contact us via and someone from our team will do this on your behalf.
  2. Activate a 30-day free trial. If you’ve not already used a 30 day free trial, you can activate one which will give you permissions to make your own changes and or even set up your own Smartsheet from scratch. See our Smartsheet guide (.pdf) for details, and below for information on what you'll need to do when your trial ends.
  3. Request a temporary licence We have a limited number of licences we can lend out on a temporary basis. Email us at with the dates you’ll need a licence for to make your changes, and we’ll grant you a licence for that time period. Please be aware that due to the limited number of licence it may not always be possible to guarantee you a licence for the requested time period.

When your 30-day free trial ends

As we hold the licence centrally, you’ll need to pass the ownership of your sheet onto us by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Sharing tab at the bottom of your Smartsheet, next to Alerts.
  2. In the Invite Collaborators box, type, and set the Permissions to “Admin” using the drop-down list.
  3. Make sure Send email is ticked.
  4. Click Share Sheet.
  5. Once we receive the email, we’ll accept the ownership which will send an email to you. In the email you will need to click Accept Request.

Our Smartsheet guide (.pdf) takes you visually through this process.

Contact if you have any queries about Smartsheet.

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