One of the key reasons reporting is required, is to ensure that the correct level of support and resources are in place in order for you to successfully deliver your project. Whether reporting to a sub-committee or to PCG, the aim is that the group(s) will be able to assess the reports, from both an individual project and across the portfolio of projects within the University, and use their experience to suggest solutions or opportunities as required.

Purpose of reporting

  • Provides assurance and a level of confidence that the project will be delivered on time, within budget and achieve its key objectives and expected benefits.
  • Provides assurance that risks and issues are appropriately tracked and managed with clearly assigned owners.
  • Provides an opportunity to report key highlights.
  • Provides information on the focus and key activities for the next reporting period.
  • Provides a mechanism for escalating issues that are outside of the control of the project manager and sponsor.

Principles of project reporting

  • Suitable for a range of project types and sizes.
  • Suitable for projects using different project methodologies (e.g. waterfall, agile).
  • Simplistic template to reduce the time spent on completing project reports.
  • Will facilitate portfolio reporting by allowing the aggregation of project information.
  • Can be used for reporting to sponsor, Project Steering Group and SAPB/CPB.
  • Provide sufficient information for SAPB/CPB to monitor and undertake project assurance.

Reporting standards

  • Project Managers must submit a project status report to each meeting of CPB/SAPB.
  • Project status reports must receive approval from the Project Sponsor prior to submission to the relevant board.
  • Projects must adopt the SPCS templates for project status reporting and change control reporting.

Reporting frequency

Monthly Every 6 weeks  Bi-monthly 
  • Building Project Steering Groups
  • Project Steering Groups
  • Project Boards
  • Systems and Academic Processes
  • Capital Project Boards
  • Project Coordination Group
  • Capital Planning Group

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