Interview selection panels

It is good practice for the selection panel to be formed at the start of the recruitment process. Chairs of selection panels and all members of panels must have completed the online recruitment and selection training within Moodle.

Essential training

Those involved in recruitment and selection decisions should also complete the Unconscious Bias (essential for Chairs of interview panels) and Equality and Diversity training which are also available within Moodle.

Academic roles (ASE/ASER)

Selection panels for academic roles (ASE/ASER) are governed by the University Ordinances. Academic appointments made at Lecturer through to Professorial level are required to conform to the Ordinances. For appointments at Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor, external assessors’ reports will be requested before interview. Please see the guidance on the academic recruitment process (.pdf) for more information.

Research roles (ASR)

Selection panels for research roles (ASR) are determined according to University guidance on the academic recruitment process (.pdf).

Professional Services roles

Selection panels for professional services roles are determined according to University guidance on Professional Services selection panel composition (.pdf).

Diversity - all roles

The Chair of the panel should ensure that there is an appropriate diversity mix to minimise the impact of unconscious bias in selection decisions. Diversity does not simply mean having a mix of people with protected characteristics. It also means considering having people with a mix of backgrounds, knowledge and specialisms relevant to the role being advertised. The panel should always include a gender mix.

Further support

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