Interest free loans for Home Office fees

Members of staff can apply for an interest-free loan to cover the costs relating to Home Office application fees, such as visa application fee, Health Surcharge (HIS) cost and related legal fees up to a maximum of £10,000. They can be used to cover their fees and those of their family.  This is then deducted on a monthly basis via their pay over the following twenty months after the advance has been paid out.


The scheme is open to employees who are non-UK citizens on UK contracts.They cannot be under notice, nor have submitted their resignation at the date of application. If on a fixed term contract they must have at least 20 months remaining from the month following the month of application.

Loan terms

Once payment is made, no interest will be charged against the loans.  The loan will be recovered over 20 months in equal instalments directly from your pay.

How to apply

Applications should be made using the the Visa Loan Application Form (.docx)

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