Dental scheme

The Dental Plan application window is now closed and will open in November 2024.

The voluntary dental plan benefit provides cover to help make costly dental treatment more affordable.

The insurance is underwritten by Unum Limited under the trading name Unum Dental.  

Cover and benefits

You can claim towards any necessary dental treatment, up to the amount shown on the benefit schedule for the plan you have selected. This includes routine treatment such as examinations and scaling, through to more extensive work such as crowns, bridges and dentures. You can visit any dentist of your choice and are able to choose a level of cover that suits you best, either NHS or private.


The Dental Plan application window is now closed and will open in November 2024.

Complete the application form below and send this to

Plans available

There are three levels of cover to choose from and you can opt to include your partner and/or children:

  • Clear 1: This entry level plan would be suitable for members who receive their dental treatment at an NHS dentist.  You can still have private treatment on this plan, but will only be reimbursed the NHS cost equivalent.
  • Clear 4: These plans are suitable for members who receive their dental treatment at an NHS dentist or have their dental care carried out by a private dentist who charges low to mid-range fees.
  • Clear 6: These are our highest levels of cover and are suitable for those who visit a more expensive private dentist.

All three plans reimburse 100% of NHS charges. Please see the benefit schedule (.pdf) for a full list of treatments covered.


The following are all excluded from the policy:

  • Cosmetic treatment.
  • Mouth cancer which existed prior to joining the plan.
  • Treatment carried out before the policy starts.
  • Treatment carried out after exiting the scheme.

Cover for your family

You can select cover for your partner and/or children, but they must be on the same level or cover as you.  Children are covered under the age of 21, or 23 if in full time education.

Cost per month

Prices are effective from 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2024 and is paid via payroll salary deduction on a monthly basis. As private fees can vary from dentist to dentist, you should compare your own dentist’s charges to the cover available to ensure you select the plan that’s right for you.

Monthly costs are as follows:

   Clear 1 Clear 4  Clear 6 
Employee only  £12.08 £21.75  £39.97 
Couple  £24.16 £43.50  £79.94 
Single parent family  £24.16 £43.50  £79.94 
Family  £36.24 £65.25  £119.91 

Making a claim with Unum Dental

Read the information in the claims process document.

You will receive a certificate of cover and claim form from Unum Dental when you join the dental plan.

You can claim for any necessary treatment received after the date your cover starts - from examinations and scaling to crowns, bridges, and dentures.

You can visit any dentist you like and there's no need to gain prior approval before starting treatment unless you're claiming for a veneer.

How to claim


  1. Ask for an itemised receipt from your dentist which contains a full description of your treatment and costs.
  2. Visit the Unum Dental claims portal and login using your Unum Dental username and password.
  3. Enter your treatment details, upload a scan or photo of your receipt and click submit.

By Email

  1. Download a claim form
  2. Fill in page 1 of the claim form and ask your dentist or the receptionist to complete page 2.  If you’re unable to have page 2 completed at your dentist, please obtain an itemised receipt and attach it to your claim form.
  3. Attach your proof of payment to your claim form and email it to Alternatively, you can submit your claim by post using the details provided on the claim form.

Claims information

  • To ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible, please include details of your treatment, your dentist's details and proof of payment.
  • Unum Dental cannot process any claim without proof of payment.
  • Claims should be submitted within 90 days of the completion of your last course of treatment. Unum dental reserve the right not to pay any claims submitted after 90 days. Reimbursements are made in line with your policy schedule.

If you'd like to check how much you're entitled to claim, please contact Unum Dental
via 020 7265 7111 or email

Cancellations and leaving the University

Please note you are unable to cancel the dental plan insurance until the next renewal period, i.e. 1 December. 

However, if you leave the University your cover will automatically end and payroll deductions stopped. 

If you wish to keep your dental cover, please contact Unum Dental on 020 7480 7201 for personal continuation options within 30 days of your leave date.

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