Studio facilities for media interviews

Why use studio facilities? 

If you are an academic promoting your research, or a member of managerial staff required to represent the University in the media, you might need to give live or pre-recorded television or radio interviews. We have facilities at our Colchester Campus to make giving your interview easier and less time-consuming.

Radio interviews via ISDN telephone line

A radio interview can often be given, live or pre-recorded, over the telephone. However, national broadcasters will usually request a high-quality telephone line, known as an ISDN line. Our ISDN line is located in a studio in the University’s Media Centre, room 4SW.3.7, on our Colchester Campus.

Booking the ISDN line

The Communications team book the ISDN line for you, email us at or telephone 2400. 

How to use the ISDN line

Once the Communications team have made the booking for you they’ll make sure the broadcaster has the correct telephone number to connect to our line, and will help you find the studio. A Media Centre technician will be on hand to set up the interview and ensure everything runs smoothly so all you need to think about are your three key messages.

Television interviews

Regional television broadcasters might want to interview you face-to-face on-campus. National and international broadcasters however will usually want to interview you in their own studio or ‘down the line’ via a remote camera connection.

We have a television studio at our Colchester Campus which can connect you, live or pre-recorded, to broadcasters around the world. It’s easy to use and you can be back at your desk five minutes after the interview.

If you decide to travel to a specific studio for your interview don’t forget to ask whether you are entitled to expenses.

Booking the television studio

The television studio is booked via our external partner Globelynx. Journalists wishing to interview you should determine the date, time and subject of the interview directly with you or via 
a member of our Communications team. The journalists then book the studio time directly with Globelynx using an online booking system.

How to use the television studio

Our Globelynx studio, located in room 4SA.3.7, offers a self-operated, easy-to-use camera system.

If it’s your first time using the studio a member of our Communications Team will help you access the room and set up your interview. If you continue to require assistance we are happy to help. If not, there are simple instructions inside the studio and we can provide you with the door code.  

Media support and advice

The Communications team offers daily support and advice about promoting your story through the media and handling interview requests, and offers media training.

Get in touch
Communications Office Contact us if you want further advice about your interview, or related media engagement support or training.