Employment and training guidance for Assistant Lecturers

Employing graduate teachers (AL/GLA)

Our People Supporting Strategy (PSS) highlights our institutional commitment to an inclusive working environment to every member of our community so that together we can create a workplace which enables its people to do their best. PGR students play an invaluable role in supporting the University’s delivery of excellent teaching through their role as Assistant Lecturers (formerly GTAs) and Graduate Laboratory Assistants (GLA). In recognition of this, the University pays and contracts ALs and GLAs in line with other employees to ensure they are treated fairly. To support teaching excellence, it is important that departments provide support and development throughout the role in addition to the core central training provided.

The following information covers recruitment, contracts, pay, expectations of the role and the department, training and support, and lastly, opportunities for those who don’t teach but are interested in developing the education side of an academic role.

The following two guidance documents should provide all the information needed to recruit, contract, train and support your graduate teaching staff.

These documents will also provide a complete overview of the role, expectations, and responsibilities of ALs, GLAs and their departments, so should be helpful for both graduate teachers and departments who employ them. If you know the information you need you can also access much of it directly using the links below.

Recruitment, contracts and pay (for ALs/ GLAs)

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For more info about recruitment, contracts and pay, contact: staffing@essex.ac.uk

Expectations and support (for ALs/ GLAs/AL Co-ordinators)

Education development opportunities for PGRs who don’t teach

PGR students NOT in an AL role can engage with a range of education development opportunities that can be accessed online, in Moodle and which need to be booked through Proficio and/or be paid for by drawing down Proficio funds.

Additional opportunities for ALs with extensive teaching responsibilities

A small number of AL roles may include a broad range of responsibilities (which will include a substantial contribution towards designing and planning modules and assessment) and where relevant it may be suitable to:

  1. Join the PG CHEP programme, or
  2. Submit a Fellowship (D2) application through CADENZA.
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