Contractual change process for managers

When starting a process which will have an impact on a member of staff’s contractual terms it’s important that we are consistent in how this process is followed and that we correctly highlight and record the change that we are requesting. 

Types of contractual changes

It’s important to note that anything that would potentially change a section in an individual’s contract needs to be done via a contractual change process. The main contractual changes that occur are:

  • Extension to a fixed-term contractmay be due to an increase in funding or the original need still exists.
  • Change to contracted hours - may be a reduction as well as an increase to an employee’s contractual hours
  • Salary change - could be the result of a HERA regrade
  • Adding a responsibility allowance or market supplement - please refer to the market supplement policy (.pdf)
  • Change of job title / department / reporting manager - for the organisation structure in iTrent to be accurate any changes to reporting manager must be advised via the change form. This ensures that annual leave requests or access to the individual’s record on people manager is available for the correct manager to view and authorise. If there is a restructure of an area please refer to the structural change guidance below
  • Change of working pattern - could be a change of hours or a change to working pattern. This ensures annual leave entitlement is accurately calculated based on the pattern the individual is working. Both the hours and working pattern sections need to be completed if someone changes their hours and therefore their pattern of work
  • Changes as a result of a structural change - in these cases special consideration will need to be made, please refer to the managing structural change policy (.pdf) ). If you require any advice regarding structural change then please refer to your Business Partner

Completing the contract change form

When completing the contract change form (.pdf) please ensure that you pay attention to the following fields:

Personal Reference Number

Each individual has a personal reference within iTrent which refers to them, this can be found under the Employment tab in ‘current job details’ within People Manager.

Funding approval

For the different change reasons it is important that we have confirmation of the funding. Please ensure that a Funding Approval number and an Agresso Funding Code (where applicable) are added. 

Effective date

Please ensure that this has been completed as it will dictate when the contractual change will take effect from. If this information is not correct it may have an impact on the staff members pay, annual leave entitlement and other contractual benefits. 

Reason for change

It’s important that the reason for change is completed (if applicable).

Extension to a fixed-term contract

Justification reason

A reason must be given for the extension; this is via a drop down menu. For further information on justification, see fixed-term justification reasons (.pdf)

Change to contracted hours


Please ensure that you complete this section in hours. This will be placed against what the full-time equivalent hours are which is 36 for full-time University of Essex staff.

Salary change

HERA roll number

Please ensure this has been completed following any successful regrade.

Change of working pattern

Week one / week two

Please ensure that the correct hours and minutes are recorded against each day. If it is a set weekly pattern then please complete week one. This will ensure that any annual leave is accrued correctly on the right days.

Please note that there is guidance on each section of the form on the second page of the contract change form.


Please contact your Employee Relations Adviser to discuss a contractual change in detail.

Changes not covered by the form

Changes to personal details for example a change of address would need to be done by the individual employee via HR Organiser. Any changes to bank details would need to be done via payroll. 

Submitting a contract change form

Please complete a contract change form (.pdf) as soon as possible to ensure that People and Culture have sufficient time to process the change.

Please submit your change forms to People and Culture, email


Deadline dates for submissions to People and Culture are publicised monthly to inform you when you need to submit forms to be actioned for that month’s pay date. Please give at least five working days’ notice of any contractual change effective date that you wish People and Culture to process. 

What happens next

Once your change form has been submitted People and Culture will update iTrent and produce the letters for the member of staff and a new contract if applicable. These will be sent direct to the individual via their University of Essex email address.

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