Digital Innovation and Technology Services provide the University's main telephone service.

Faults and requests

If you have encountered a fault with your telephone, please fill out our fault and request form.

If your phone is not currently displaying the correct name, please fill out our form to request a name change on the phone.

University phonebook

Phonebook administrators can use our online phonebook manager to change telephone and room numbers for University staff. Please note:

  • The phonebook manager can only be accessed on campus.
  • It can only be used to change telephone and room numbers.
  • It can't be used to change email addresses, names, titles or job titles - these changes need to be made by HR or Registry.
  • Staff with multiple job titles may also have multiple telephone and room numbers, so please take care to only edit the information that's related to the job title you're updating.

Using your telephone

Passcodes and logging in

Create a passcode
  • With the phone on hook, dial *40 000 000
  • Press Dial
  • Enter your passcode, twice
  • Enter your extension number
  • Press End Call
Forgotten passcode

If you forget or lose your passcode it can be reset to the default by an administrator, please fill out the passcode reset form.

Logging on to a telephone
  • Dial *93 <your passcode> <your extension number>
  • Press Dial
  • Press End Call

If you encounter any issues logging in to your telephone and want to reset your login access code, please fill out our login code reset form.

Dialling shortcuts

Action Dial
Dial an outside line Dial 9 followed by the external number
Divert all calls to another phone number Dial *21 followed by University extension number.

To divert to an external or mobile number:
Dial *21 9 followed by the phone number
Remove Divert Dial #21
Pick up from a ringing extension in your group Dial *84
Automatic ring back Dial extension you require, wait for busy tone, then press 5
Cancel automatic ring back Dial extension you require, wait for busy tone, then press #5
 Dial overseas/international number Dial 9 00 <country code> <number>


If you're using voicemail for the first time see:

To access your voicemail on campus dial 3467.

To access your voicemail off campus:

  1. Dial 01206 87 3467
  2. During the greeting press #9 followed by your extension number.
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN when asked.

Handset manuals

Digital phones (NEC models)
Analogue phones (older white phones)
Conference phones
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