IT equipment

Loaning IT equipment

We provide IT and audiovisual equipment for short-term loan, free of charge.

To loan equipment, sign in to our equipment booking portal with your Essex username and password.

Moving IT equipment

We provide technical support when you need to move IT equipment, for example if you are moving offices.

Please be aware we require at least two weeks notice and requests must be approved by your line manager.

You may not need to book if your move has already been approved by the The Space Management Group (SMG) or if your move is part of the SWAE project. Please check with your line manager before booking a move.

Purchasing IT equipment

Digital Innovation and Technology Services provide an IT purchasing service for the University.

Academic departments and professional service sections must purchase IT equipment through us, except where there is explicit authorisation to purchase directly from a supplier.

Category How to purchase
Computer hardware and accessories

Browse our product catalogue (.pdf) and then complete an order request form (.xls)

Attach the form to an email and send to

Adobe software
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Visual Studio

For Adobe software, Microsoft Visio, Project or Visual Studio, please get your line manager to submit a software request form.


All other software For all other software please submit a software request form. We require at least 4 weeks’ notice from date of purchase to the software being made available. Where possible, all purchased software will be made available on the Software Hub.
Mobile phones

Browse our mobile phone catalogue (.pdf) and then complete a mobile phone order request form (.xls)

Attach the form to an email and send it to

Also see our Mobile Communication Device Policy (.pdf)

Work Anywhere and Smarter Working at Essex Equipment (SWAE)

Under the Work Anywhere and Smarter Working at Essex projects, participating departments and sections can obtain standard computer equipment at no direct charge.

Departmental IT Asset Managers (DIAM) in your department are responsible for coordinating with DITS to replace equipment and keeping track of equipment swaps and moves within the department.

Purchase deadlines

The deadline for ordering IT Equipment is 31 May of the financial year it is to be paid in.

Warranty and support

This warranty applies to DITS-supplied equipment only.

Support and warranty repairs are provided free of charge for the following equipment:

  • Desktop computers under 5 years old
  • Laptop computers under 4 years old
  • Monitors - we will replace any broken monitor that has been provided through the Smarter Working at Essex and Work Anywhere projects in the last five years free of charge. Replacements for monitors that fall outside of this may be chargeable.

Equipment within warranty but is beyond economic repair will be replaced on a like for like basis free of charge.

All equipment beyond its expected life, will not receive any support from DITS, and will be securely disposed of by us under the WEEE directive.

Questions you may have

Replacing defunct or end of life equipment while waiting for Work Anywhere migration

Should equipment need to be replaced ahead of an individual’s migration, you can request this replacement from DITS using the following form: Academic Departments Work Anywhere Equipment Request

Requesting equipment for new starters

You can request equipment for new starters using the following form: Academic Departments Work Anywhere Equipment Request 

Requesting regular replacements

DITS will engage with you throughout each financial year to continuously coordinate regular replacements. There is no specific action required.

Financial impact

The Work Anywhere equipment is centrally funded, including all new starters.

Specialised equipment, e.g. high powered workstations or Macs

Work Anywhere provides a standardised equipment set that allows every member of staff to start working.

Should an individual require specialised equipment, this equipment needs to be fully funded from departmental budget. Funding through Occupational Health in specific cases continues as usual.

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