10 tips for active working

The Active Working team’s top tips for incorporating more activity into your working day: 

  1. Hold walking meetings 
  2. Take the stairs instead of the lift
  3. Talk to your colleagues in person:  walk to their office instead of picking up the phone or sending an email 
  4. Take an active lunch break- and go for a walk
  5. Stretch at your desk
  6. Make your journey to work more active and walk or cycle part of the way 
  7. Organise your office to force you to stand up: don’t have everything within easy reach
  8. Incorporate more walking into your day: park at the wrong end of campus/book a distant meeting room/volunteer to fetch the coffee!
  9. Be creative with your time: try marching on the spot while waiting for the photocopier; or do some jumping jacks while the kettle is boiling!  
  10. Track your steps with a fitness tracker or smartphone app: it’s a brilliant way of motivating you to move more