Non-academic disciplinary activity: Interaction between the University and the Students' Union

The University of Essex and its Students' Union provide separate notifications to the Information Commissioner under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). Both organisations recognise that it is a contravention of the DPA to disclose individuals' personal data to the other without making individuals aware that it may happen. This policy statement sets out how the University and the SU interacts in relation to non-academic disciplinary activity.

Under circumstances relating to disciplinary activity, both the University and the Students' Union reserve the right to pass necessary information (including personal data) to the other in order to uphold and enforce the Code of Student Conduct.

The University and the Students' Union have varying degrees of responsibility for areas of the University designated for social use. Where an individual is banned from such areas, it is in the legitimate interests of both the University and the Students' Union to communicate and pass on relevant information to ensure the ban is implemented successfully. Similarly, the Students' Union consults regularly with the University Proctor, who is responsible for non-academic student conduct proceedings, and vice versa. In order to ensure disciplinary procedures are upheld and enforced, personal data relating to individuals subject to disciplinary action or related enquiries may be passed between them.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, both the University and its Students' Union ensure that disclosures of personal data never prejudice an individual's rights, freedoms or legitimate interests.

Any individual with concerns about how their data may be treated is free to discuss the issue with either the Information Assurance Manager at or the Students' Union.

University of Essex Policies - Data Protection Act 1998

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