Faith Centre at Southend Campus

The Faith Centre at our Southend Campus is a welcoming place for staff and students to meet, interact and engage in a positive and peaceful manner.

We are here to help and support you. You don’t have to be religious or want to pray to ask for support from us.

Find out where you can get support from our Faith Centre. Please see the main University of Essex events page for details of all events including those linked to the Faith Centre.

Chaplains and faith representatives

We have a number of chaplains and faith representatives who offer their time to the Centre:

Anglican Assistant Chaplain

Rev Cherry Sandover - St Marks Church, Southend-on-Sea

Catholic Chaplain

Southend Catholic Society (CathSoc)

The president of Southend CathSoc is Christine Njeru. Email Christine if you have any queries CathSoc hold regular meetings and also organise trips. This year they ran an Isle of Wight retreat, attended by students from Southend and Colchester campuses.

Local churches

Many students at the Southend Campus go to the Sunday evening Mass at 6pm at St Helen’s, Milton Road, Westcliff. This is the nearest church to University Square accommodation. The Southend Campus Catholic Society meets most Sundays in the parish hall after the 6pm Mass at St Helen’s.

Southend faith societies

Local places of worship

Looking for a local place of worship? Our Chaplains are happy to signpost you, whatever your faith. Just drop in, or email us.

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