Staff commencing employment from October 2016

All new employees and those employees moving to new posts are on one of the following contracts of employment. All contracts and agreements are now issued by People and Culture.

Staff employed before October 2016

Prior to October 2016, employees will be working under one of the following sets of terms and conditions. These were agreed with the trade unions as part of the National Framework Agreement and implemented on 1 August 2006.

We revised them for the three main staff groups in October 2007 after the University's Statutes and Ordinances were revised. In February and March 2009, there were further amendments to take account of job title changes for academic staff and the introduction of PensionsPlus for all staff.

In October 2009, we amended the rate of the University's contributions to USS; in October 2011, we amended pensions and retirement Information, and in August 2013 we updated them to cover auto-enrolment to our pensions scheme.

Terms of appointment

Fixed-term staff 

If you are on a fixed-term contract and approaching your planned contract end date then we would encourage you to speak with your manager about any concerns. Conversations about other opportunities or possible contract extensions would normally happen towards the end of a contract so managers will be need to ensure these important conversations still take place.

For those who would want to be considered for redeployment, managers should contact the Employee Relations team to ensure the details are added to our redeployment register.

On-demand Worker commitment

Further support

Contact the Employee Relations Adviser team.

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