DBS check payment

In all instances where a DBS check is necessary for the completion of the course (even if the regulated activity is in relation to an optional module or project) the University covers the cost of the DBS check.

Mandatory course checks

The majority of our Health and Social Care courses (and some courses from other departments, such as Physiotherapy or Biomedical Science) require a mandatory DBS check. This means it is not possible for a student to complete the learning outcomes of the course without engaging in regulated activity (and therefore having a clear DBS check). For example, undertaking a course for which a placement in a health care setting is a compulsory element of the course.

Individual and ad-hoc checks 

The DBS team also processes and pays for checks on an individual, case by case basis. These are ad-hoc checks which cover students who plan to undertake regulated activity in relation to their course or University studies, though this activity is not necessarily a compulsory requirement of their course. For example, a student carrying out research for an individual research project or specific module.

Any requests for an ad-hoc DBS check for a student should be sent to dbs@essex.ac.uk by email, either by the student or the department. If the request comes direct from the student we need departmental approval/confirmation before taking the request forward.

Checks not covered by the University

There are circumstances in which a student might require a DBS check for an activity that is not linked directly to their course. In this case, the University will not cover the costs of the DBS check. For example, work experience which is not attached to the learning outcomes of their course.

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