Charlotte Flynn

School of Health and Social Care
 Charlotte Flynn



After 20+ years in clinical practice, I began my journey in education in 2019 at UEA moving to UoE in 2021. I have special interests in hand therapy, occupational science, and the theoretical underpinnings of occupational therapy. I am studying for an MA in Higher Education Practice I am also a member of the extenuating circumstances committee at Essex University, School of Health & Social Care. I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2000.


  • BSc Hons Occupational Therapy- First Class University of Northampton,


University of Essex

  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, School of Health & Social Care, University of Essex (14/4/2021 - present)

Other academic

  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences, University of East Anglia (3/2/2019 - 9/4/2021)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Professional and Interprofessional Skills for Practice (HS140)

  • Concepts of Therapy (HS176)

  • Leadership in Service Enhancement (HS276)

  • Practice Placement 3 (HS332)

  • Becoming a Practitioner (HS372)

  • Developing Professional Skills: Therapy and Occupation (HS805)

  • Becoming a Professional: Professional Skills (HS808)

  • Foundations for Occupational Therapy (HS892)

  • Mastering Occupation (HS895)

  • Understanding Self and Others (SE120)

  • Introduction to Occupational Therapy (HS179)



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