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Dr Jonathan Rolison

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Decision making and risk taking behaviour

The broad area of my research is decision making, particularly decisions involving risk. I have a number of lines of research in this domain, including how people conceptualise risk (e.g., do all people think of risk in the same way?), how people trade-off the risks and benefits of activities, and whether people use other strategies or sources of information to make their decisions. My research also has an emphasis on how decisions differ between people, namely why some people are more likely than others to take a risk.

Open to supervise

Risk communication

My research explores perception and communication of health risks and health-related decision making. One of my aims in this area is to develop methods for overcoming barriers to effective risk communication. For example, my work has shown that maths anxiety impedes understanding of numerical health risks, but that some of the negative effects of maths anxiety can be alleviated with graphical presentation aids.

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Road safety

My research on risk has an applied focus on the risks faced by young and elderly drivers. My research has investigated whether drivers of these ages are a danger to themselves and to other road users. I have introduced new statistical tools for the assessment of driver crash risk and have identified contributing factors to road accidents. I have worked closely on these projects with the UK Department for Transport.

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Adult development and ageing

One line of my research is how decision making and risk taking behaviours change across adulthood. My research in this area is aimed at explaining why people become more cautious in older age and whether age changes in risk taking behaviours are beneficial or harmful.

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Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Applied Psychology (PS118)

  • Developmental Psychology (PS406)

  • Psychology of Health (PS423)

  • Ageing: Mind, Brain, and Behaviour (PS503)

  • Decision making science in theory and practice (PS512)

  • MSc Psychology Research Project (PS900)

  • Advanced Developmental Psychology (PS931)

  • Advanced Psychology of Health (PS951)

  • Research Project (MSc) (PS934)

  • Psychology Project (PS300)


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Conferences (1)

Boeri, M., McMichael, A., Rolison, JJ. and Kee, F., (2020). The needs of many vs the needs of few: Is society willing to pay for stratified medicine?

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