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Dr Tom Quinn
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  • BSc (Econ) Queen Mary, London

  • MSc, PhD London School of Economics

Research and professional activities

Research interests

UK party leadership elections

the Labour Party, including links with trade unions

party organisation and intra-party democracy

strategic positioning of British political parties

UK party system

Current research

UK party leadership elections

UK party system change

plurality electoral system ('first-past-the-post') and accountability

Teaching and supervision

  • Political Parties in Britain and Europe (GV519)


Journals (28)

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Books (2)

Quinn, T., (2012). Electing and ejecting party leaders in Britain. 9780230362789

Allen, N., Bartle, J., Birch, S., Campbell, R., Clarke, HD., Curtice, J., Goodwin, M., Johns, R., Kenny, M., Quinn, T. and Whiteley, P., None past the post: Britain at the polls 2017. Manchester University Press

Chapters (1)

Quinn, T. and Clements, B., (2011). Realignment in the centre: The Liberal Democrats. In: Britain at the Polls 2010. 63- 88. 9781446269220

Grants and funding


Mandates, Manifestos and Coalitions: UK Party Politics after 2010

The Constitution Society

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