Approval process for link agreements

The process below applies to all types of link agreement. The Partnerships Office may be contacted for advice prior to submitting a proposal to form a new link agreement.

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Process summary

Stage 1: Proposal and outline institutional approval

The appropriate proposal form(s) should be completed by a member of Essex staff and returned to the Partnerships Office (

New link agreements

Making a change to an existing agreement

Renewing an existing agreement

Institutional approval

The Partnerships Office will review the proposal and may seek additional information or clarification. This will involve other relevant teams as appropriate, for example International Office, Admissions or Essex Abroad.

The Partnerships Office will carry out an initial due diligence on the proposed institution and submit it to the Dean of Partnerships for outline institutional approval. Where a proposal requires a greater level of collaboration or integration, an enhanced due diligence check may be required.

Friendship agreements will only require institutional approval. The Dean of Partnerships will review the initial due diligence on the proposed institution and New Link Agreement proposal form.

Stage 2: academic approval

Approval to proceed with the link agreement will be requested from the relevant Head(s) of Department(s) or their nominee.

If approval has been received from the relevant Head(s) of Department(s), the proposal will be sent to the relevant Faculty Executive Dean(s) for approval.

Stage 3: development of agreement

An agreement (memorandum of understanding, or equivalent) will be produced by the Partnerships Office, the content of which will be agreed by the link institution, prior to being signed. On occasion a link institution's own agreement template may be used, but this will be reviewed by the Partnerships Office prior to proceeding.

Further information

For more information about link agreements and the approval process contact the Partnerships Office (

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