We are getting ready for the Christmas break and we need you to help prepare our buildings too.

We are asking staff and students to switch off appliances that won’t be in use over the Christmas break.

For staff:

Most offices will be closed between Friday 22 December and Tuesday 2 January.

Before you leave for your Christmas break remember to:

  • Switch off your computer
  • Turn the monitors off
  • Turn any Christmas lights off 
  • Turn plugs off 
  • Turn off kitchen boilers, kettles, microwaves in the staff kitchen
  • Empty anything out of the fridge which may go off
  • Close windows and blinds 
  • If your radiator has a thermostat, then turn this down to 1
  • If some of your colleagues have already left the office but have left their computer or other appliances on, then use your judgement and turn them off, if you know they will not be needed. Remember to leave a note on their keyboard saying what you’ve switched off

Look out for our classroom guidance posters and energy saving stickers in seminar and lecture rooms.

For students:

If you are staying away from your campus accommodation for the Christmas break, please remember to:

  • Close your windows
  • Set your radiator to 1 
  • Switch off lights
  • Turn off any plugs e.g. chargers

If you have any questions, then please email the Sustainability team at sustainability@essex.ac.uk

We hope you have a great Christmas break!