Managing information

What records management is and why do we do it

Information is a key asset for any organisation. Unless we know who our students are and which courses they are enrolled on, who our staff are, what courses we run, we cannot function. We need records of the ways in which we've agreed to do things and how we've spent our money. Like any organisation we have documents that prove we own premises and vehicles and licences that prove we are allowed to do certain things.

Records management is about keeping the right information, in the right place, for the right period of time. It's about ensuring that information is reliable, authentic and complete. It's about making sure those who need it can access information, but also protecting information from those who have no need to access it. It's also about making sure that the right records are destroyed at the right time in away that is secure.

Good records management helps save us time and effort. It also helps us comply with legislation like the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Good records management is something we should all do - and the Governance Office is here to support you.

If you are looking for advice on what to put in references, whether you can release exam scripts, or what to do if the police ask you for information then have a look at our dataprotection good practice guidance.

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