Creating a blog in Sitecore

Blogs are great way of engaging with your target audiences as well as sharing ideas and information with them.

Writing a blog post 

Not all web authors will have permission to create a blog post in Sitecore, so if you have a post that you'd like to upload send it to and we'll let you know the procedure we follow.

Find out more about writing a blog post.

Blogs user guide 

If you have permission to create a blog in Sitecore, our Sitecore blogs user guide (.pdf, Essex users only) has full details on:

  • getting started with blogs in Sitecore
  • creating a post
  • podcast posts
  • vlog posts
  • author profiles
  • categories
  • homepages
  • author landing pages
  • categories landing pages
  • tags landing pages
  • blog content pages
  • locations map
  • navigation menu
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