Shared parental leave and pay

Shared parental leave (SPL) allows the mother/adopter to choose to bring maternity/adoption leave to an end at any point after the initial two-week compulsory maternity/adoption leave period.  

Parents can then choose to split the remaining time (50 weeks) between them.  SPL must end no later than one year after the birth/placement. 

Up to 37 weeks of Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) is available (if eligible may include 22 weeks of Occupational Shared Parental Pay (OshPP)).

The two-week period of paternity leave will continue to be available.

Eligibility requirements

For employees to be eligible to take shared parental leave, both parents must meet certain eligibility requirements. These are set out in detail in the Family Leave Policy (.pdf).

Application process

  1. Maternity/adoption leave curtailment notice (.pdf) from the mother / adopter.  Eight weeks’ notice is required. Curtailment date must be after compulsory two weeks maternity leave after the birth.  
  2. Notification of Entitlement and Intention (.pdf) to take shared parental leave. Eight weeks’ notice is required; could be submitted on the same day as the curtailment notice. Non-binding as only an intention intended to start a discussion.
  3. Notice to book leave (.pdf). May be submitted after or at the same time as (1) and (2) – Eight weeks’ notice is required.  If an employee is eligible for OShPP, they may only make one ‘notice to book leave’ request.  Otherwise, the limit is three.  Variations may be made outside of this limit if the child is born earlier or later than the EWC, the variation is at our request, or we agree otherwise. 
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